Soil Fertility and Plant Tissue Analysis

Soil Chemical and Plant tissue tests can reveal important information when selecting the correct product to feed the plants and balance your soils.  Nutrients compete and compliment each other.  Using these tests you can plan for future needs and also determine the current chemistry.  Testing eliminates the guesswork from maintaining your turf.

Click to view: Planet Turf Sample Tissue Test


Physical Soil Tests, USGA Protocol

Physical testing can give you important information when making management decisions in for your sites.  Measuring infiltration, porosity, particle size and much more can help determine the most efficient and economical method for many of your cultural practices.

Click to view: Soil Test Sample

Irrigation Water Quality

Water Quality has a huge effect of the growing environment.  Water is the most abundant soil amendment we apply.  What’s in the water can greatly affect the soil chemistry and so testing this can help to better manage this resource.

Click to view: Irrigation Water Test Sample