Planet Turf takes our mission seriously. To do what is best for “every blade of grass” and deliver to you the most advanced nutrient delivery systems that are effective and economical.  We are pleased to present our product line up.

Fertilizer - Sprayable

Sterics® delivers soil-applied nutrients that delay the chemical fixation reactions between phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur in alkaline or acidic soils. The patented chemistry improves efficiency 4-6 times and extends the availability time in the soil.

Eminate Dry Soluble Powders are high quality, fine grind, quickly soluble, EDTA chelated nutrients.  All Eminate products contain Mg, S, Mn, B, Fe, Cu, Mo, Zn.

  • L-93 Bentgrass – One of the stable, long successful bentgrasses, used for greens, tees, and fairways. Excellent winter hardiness, fine textured with good dollar spot and brown patch resistance.
  • Alpha Bentgrass – Excellent wear tolerance and aggressive germination. Great for interseeding or new stands.
  • Universal Turf Blend -Bluegrass/Fescue/Ryegrass – Blending 3 cool season species results in a mixture that can be used in sun, shade, rain or shine! The ‘universal’ application makes this perfect for high quality lawns, repair work, or planting where a mix of environments exists.
  • Fes-Chew – Chewings Fescue is a perennial grass that is extremely easy to grow, tolerating drought, acidic soils and shade. It is commonly used in turf lawns and can be planted on its own or mixed with other fine fescues. (Festuca rubra)
  • Moving Out RYE – Creeping, spreading, and innovative MOVING OUT perennial ryegrass with the ability to repair damaged turf quickly via reproductive tillers.  Excellent for football fields, tees, repairing damaged areas from traffic.
  • Planet North 70/30 blend – Need to get fast germination and fill-in, but want some “knitting’ qualities of bluegrass?  Our 70/30 mix covers those bases.
  • Planet BLUE KBG – For the discriminating grass grower.  Dark blue, pure stand, low growing, infrequent mowing.  Planet Blue is the highest quality bluegrass in the world.
  • Planet RYE PRG – Cover the planet fast! 4-5 days germination time, up and growing fast to fill in damaged areas, divots, between the football hash marks.  Throw it on asphalt, it will grow.  Like a CHIA PET.  Dark color, does not shred when mowed, like cheap low quality ryegrass that is better for sheep grazing.  Planet Rye – the choice of professional golf course and sports field managers.
  • GLY RYE – Imagine weed control with one chemical – glyphosate at 8 oz. per acre, costing you only $1.50 per acre to control Poa annua, clover, dandelions, and other weeds.  Convert that old worn out sports field, or tee, to a vibrant green, aggressive stand of pure ryegrass, and keep it that way with periodic applications of glyphosate (check out Planet Turf’s Glystar).
  • Scottish Links – A blend of fescues that will produce the Scottish links look of St Andrews. Low maintenance, low growing, hardy, and dependable.  Looking for a great look, whether mowed, or left natural, Scottish Links is the answer.

Liquid Fertilizer

Planet Turf Custom N 28-0-0 ( 2x2.5)Economical N-source for regular feeding28% N, 20% slow release5oz/M
Planet Turf Iron Polyamine (2x2.5 gal)Long lasting green up on all turf5.5% Fe amino acid chelate1-3oz/M
Planet Turf Kick 10-2-4 (2x2.5 gal)Base applications for complete feeding10%N, complexed P&K, amino acids, kelp, 1% Fe,S8-10oz/M
Planet Turf Micro Sea (2x2.5 gal)Add with Kick for a complete macro and micro nutrient feedingAmino acid, organic sulfur, 3% S, .1% B, .5% Mn, .5% Zn2-3oz/M
Planet Turf Oxy Phos 6-18-2 (2x2.5 gal)Energy recovery, root growth and biostimulants6-18-2 ( 0.02% B, 0.05% Cu, 0.1% Fe, 0.05% Mn, 0.1% Zn)4-6oz/M
Planet Turf Rocket N 28-0-0 (2x2.5 gal)Nitrogen booster for all seasons with slow release and rapid uptake28% N, 25% slow release, with B & Mo, humic acid5oz/M
Planet Turf SOLAR (2x2.5 gal)Chlorophyl boost for green color.75% Mg, 4.2% S, .1% B, .5% Cu, 4% Fe, .75% Mn, .5% Zn Citrate Complexes1 ga/A
Planet Turf Steric K 1-0-7 (2x2.5gal)Water regulation, use with Steric P1-0-7 derived from complexed potassium5 gal/A
Planet Turf Steric MKS 0-0-4,2.1Mg,4.2S (2x2.5gal)Chlorophyl boost, use with Steric P and K0-0-4%K, 2.1% Mg, 4.2% S from complexed potassium magnesium sulfate5 gal/A
Planet Turf Steric P 2-14-0 (2x2.5gal)Root development, use with Steric K2% N, 14% complexed P5 gal/A
CROP + (2X2.5 GAL)Stress fighter, gene regulator, enhanced rooting and biomass1% N, 1% K, 3.5% S, .08% B, .055% Co, 1% Cu, 1.3% Fe, 1.1% Mn, 0.4% Mo, 2.3% Zn8oz/A
CSI L (2x2.5)Increase green-speed and resist wear and disease12% N with 25% silicon from opaline32oz/A
Encourage Classic (2 x 2.5 gal)Reduce stress, improve pesticide performance, improve plant vigor2-1-2, .4% Fe, .1% Mn, 2% C9-15, 1.5% Humic Acid1-2 qts/A
Encourage Nano Cal (2 X 2.5 GAL)Uniform color, improved water use during heat, improve vigor4% N, 1% K, 10% Ca, 1.5% C9-15, .7 micron Calcium1-2 qts/A
Ful-GENT 7-21-2 w/zinc (2x2.5gal)Improve soil nutrient availability and root growth7-21-2 with Zinc and Fulvic Acid1-2 gal/A
Ful-Vac Fulvic Acid (2x2.5gal)Increase soil microbiology and nutrient uptakefree form fulvic acid2-10 gal/A
Kelp Grow (2x2.5, 5, 30, 265)Increase stress resistancecold pressed extract of Macrocystis intragrifolia from north pacific ocean1-2 qts/A
Nutri- Grow Calciphite 0-19-9 (2x2.5 gal)Calcium Phosphite for summer time stress resistance0-(19)-9, with 9% Ca, 2.66 lbs phosphite per gal1-5oz/M
Nutri- Grow Magnum 2-0-15(2x2.5 gal)Phosphite for disease and stress resistance2-(40)-16, 6 lb per gal phosphite2oz/M
Poly Bor 10 (2x2.5gal)Promotes new leaf growth in boron deficient soils5% B from boric acid2 qt/A
Primacy Alpha (2x2.5 gal)Optimize N uptake, CO2 fixation, and photosynthesis3-0-7, 3% S, .1 B, .5% Mn, .5% Zn1gal/A
ReKovery 2-0-21 (2x2.5gal)Reduce summer water stress symptoms2% N, 21% K with amino acid complex1.5oz/M
Steric Iron (2 x 2.5 gal)chelated iron s
Bulk LiquidsFor custom blends upon requestCAN, Urea blends and more