Planet Turf Fertilizer Products

Planet Turf takes our mission seriously. To do what is best for “every blade of grass” and deliver to you the most advanced nutrient delivery systems that are effective and economical. We are pleased to present our Fertilizer product line up. 

Fertilizer – Sprayable

Sterics® delivers soil-applied nutrients that delay the chemical fixation reactions between phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur in alkaline or acidic soils. The patented chemistry improves efficiency 4-6 times and extends the availability time in the soil.


Eminate Dry Soluble Powders are high quality, fine grind, quickly soluble, EDTA chelated nutrients.  All Eminate products contain Mg, S, Mn, B, Fe, Cu, Mo, Zn


Fertilizer – Granular

“I have used many of the granular greens grade fertilizers form Planet Turf. My favorite is the 18-2-18 and the results are awesome. We had quick turf response and I will continue to use this product.”


– Tom Davis, Golf and Sports Maintenance Director, Leo Palace Resort, Guam